Used Audi A5 Coupe Inventory

The used car market is becoming increasingly popular among auto buyers looking for a great value for their money. Opting to purchase a pre-owned vehicle comes with a wide range of benefits that go beyond the lower price tag compared to brand-new cars and SUVs. We have an extensive range of used and certified pre-owned vehicles across our network of dealerships, including cars from luxury brands like Audi, that are part of our certified pre-owned program.

Used Cars at our Southern California Dealerships

Our dealerships have a large inventory of pre-owned vehicles from many top-rated automakers. We offer a variety of body styles, models, and trims, including everything from small compact cars to large family SUVs.

We stock a large number of pre-owned Audi cars and SUVs. Audi’s lineup covers all the bases, beginning with the compact A3 and A4 sedans. These small cars are ideal if you’re looking for fuel efficiency and a vehicle that’s easy to handle around busy city streets. Audi’s A5 or A7 models include some added space in the cabin for passengers or cargo.

Audi is also renowned for its SUVs. The Q4 and Q5 combine a compact body design with the added convenience of a relatively spacious cargo hold. The Q7 and Q8 mid-sized SUVs are ideal if you’re in the market for a family vehicle that can seat up to seven passengers.

Other popular vehicles in our used car range come from Volvo and Mercedes-Benz. Volvo has a reputation for creating roomy wagons and SUVs and has begun moving into the electric vehicle market. Mercedes-Benz vehicles always stand out for their stylish design, luxurious interiors, and powerful engines under the hood.

Benefits of Buying a Used Vehicle

One of the most well-known benefits of buying used is the reduced cost you’ll pay for a car. Estimates suggest that when a new car is driven off a dealership’s lot, it can lose about 20% of its value. Over the first year or two, this drop can increase to 30% or 40%.

Of course, buying used comes with the potential risk of having an older car that requires more maintenance. But you can limit this risk if you purchase a pre-owned vehicle from a reliable dealership, such as one of those in our network across southern California. We inspect all used vehicles before they make it into our showroom, and conduct all necessary maintenance and repairs to ensure they’re in good working order.

A further advantage of buying pre-owned is that you can choose from a broader range of vehicle makes, models, and manufacturing years. Many dealerships only have two or three automakers represented in their new vehicle inventory. However, used inventories typically feature vehicles from almost all popular automakers, allowing you to find everything from a subcompact car perfect for city driving to a full-sized pickup to get the job done.

A related bonus is that all vehicles in a used car inventory have had time to prove their strengths on the road. For example, a four-year-old Volvo XC40 or Audi A7 will have a large number of customer reviews online for you to browse before you buy. This large quantity of information means you can make an informed choice about your purchase.

A final benefit to buying a pre-owned car as opposed to a new one is that you can save on ongoing expenses, such as your car insurance. When calculating your monthly rate, one of the biggest things auto insurers take into consideration is the total cost of replacing your car in case of an accident. Due to the fact that used cars have a lower value than their new counterparts, you may find that your insurer offers you a more competitive rate.

Why Choose the Unstoppable Group

Our network of Unstoppable Group auto dealerships in California is ideally equipped to meet the needs of customers like you who are interested in purchasing a used car. You can get started by browsing our large pre-owned vehicle inventory.

For those of you looking for a little more security with your used vehicle purchase, take a look at our certified pre-owned program. To be a certified pre-owned vehicle, a car or SUV has to pass a rigorous inspection carried out by one of our auto technicians. We also require the vehicle to have a documented ownership history so we can see that it has undergone a regular maintenance regime and identify any problem areas due to previous repairs.

Our certified pre-owned vehicles can include a CARFAX vehicle report, which will show you its ownership history and other important information. All of these added benefits can help to give you added peace of mind about the quality of the vehicle you’re purchasing.

Across our dealership network, our finance teams work every day to help you get the best auto financing deal for your personal needs. Our competitive finance agreements can be used to purchase a used vehicle as well as new ones. All you need to do to get started is fill out our simple online application form. Once we’ve reviewed your details, we can pre-approve you for financing, which will give you an idea of how much you can afford to spend on a used car.

Some of the used cars in our inventory may still be covered by part of their original factory warranty. If the warranty no longer applies, you can opt for one of our vehicle protection plans. These plans can cover the cost of routine maintenance and other repairs for a fixed period of time. They allow you to drive with confidence, full in the knowledge that our team of expert mechanics will always be on hand to assist you if your vehicle develops a problem.

In case you have questions about our used vehicle inventory or anything else, please feel free to contact us. We have a friendly team of auto professionals working across all our dealerships. Everyone is committed to helping you get behind the wheel of your ideal pre-owned car or SUV. Whether you decide to reach out to us by phone or drop by one of our California dealerships, we’ll be ready to handle your query and provide you with terrific service.