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    Your Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo Sales Experts

    Unstoppable Automotive Group operates several luxury auto dealerships in Southern California, including Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. For the latest new luxury offerings, you can stop by and set up a test drive, browse our lot, or check out the current inventory online. We have many leasing and financing options that will fit your needs and long-term goals.

    We offer market-leading customer service, attractive prices, flexible financing options, and a high-tech service center for maintenance and repairs. We’ll make the car-buying process go as smoothly as possible, ensuring you find the right fit at the right price with financing options that meet your budget goals. Once the sale is complete, our service center is here to help with preventive maintenance and repairs for years to come.

    Finding the Best Buying Option

    Once you find your perfect new Audi, Mercedes-Benz, or Volvo model, the next step is finding the best way to buy it, whether it be financing or leasing. Regardless of your financing option, we’re here to make this process effortless. For leasing, check out the details like the lease term, usually three years, annual mileage limits, mileage overage charges, monthly payment, and if various trim levels make the monthly payment go lower or higher. For purchasing, look for finance specials, loyalty incentives, and special tax breaks for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

    Financing Versus Leasing

    One of your first decisions will be whether to buy or lease. Both options have advantages; leasing offers a lower payment while purchasing offers more freedom through ownership. For financing, consider more than simply the monthly payment and how long it takes to pay off the loan. For leases, compare the lower payment to lease terms like length, mileage limits, and forecasted value of the vehicle at the end of the lease. Buying outright requires a higher down payment and monthly payments, but the loan length is flexible and can be paid off or refinanced at any time.


    • Higher monthly and down payments increase your flexibility to keep, sell, refinance, or trade in at any time.
    • There are no mileage limits, which makes purchasing a good fit for those who may take long road trips or have longer commutes.
    • When you finance your vehicle, you make your own decisions on upkeep and maintenance that aren’t covered by a warranty. You’re also free to customize your vehicle.


    • Leases are shorter and offer flexibility for those seeking to upgrade to newer models and access the latest technology regularly.
    • Down payments are lower and may not even be required. Leaseholders have lower monthly payments and can save on taxes too.
    • Leases limit mileage, often to about 10,000 miles a year, so it’s essential to consider your driving habits.
    • Leases often require following dealer guidance on maintenance and upkeep, but warranties are in effect during leases. Leaseholders need to ensure the vehicle doesn’t experience excessive wear and tear.
    • Once the lease ends, you simply return the car or buy it for a predetermined price, called residual value, to buy it outright.

    What Are the Steps To Leasing?

    After weighing your options, if you’re leaning toward leasing your new Audi, Mercedes-Benz, or Volvo, there are a few basic steps to the process:

    • Select the make and model you plan to lease.
    • Check for special offers or discounts.
    • Find the leasing terms, such as down payment, lease length, and monthly payments.
    • Sign the contract.
    • Follow terms and maintenance requirements.
    • Return or buy the vehicle at the end of the lease term.

    Check Out Unstoppable Automotive

    Explore the Unstoppable family of luxury dealerships to find out which top-quality new car is an ideal fit for you and your family. We understand that whether to buy or lease rivals the importance of deciding which make and model to choose. Our experienced sales professionals will help you explore both key decisions. In addition to new luxury cars for lease or sale, we also offer a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles and a service center for each location staffed with top mechanics.

    Audi Mission Viejo

    Audi Mission Viejo has some attractive options, including new 2022 Audi A3, Q3, and Q5 lease and financing specials:

    • A3 Premium front-wheel-drive models lease for $498 a month plus tax.
    • Q3 45 S Line Premium all-wheel-drive models lease for $499 monthly plus tax.
    • Q5 S Line Premium all-wheel-drive models lease for $599 a month plus tax. There is also special financing for 60 months at 0.99% APR.

    Check our Promotions page for the latest lease, financing, and purchase offers. In addition to leasing and purchase specials, certified pre-owned Audi models from 2018 to 2020 may qualify for 3.49% APR financing for 72 months. A $7,500 federal tax credit may be available for qualifying electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

    Mercedes-Benz of Temecula

    Mercedes-Benz of Temecula has options at several price points for 2022 models, including C Class, E Class, and SUVs:

    • GLB 250 leases for $489 per month for 36 months.
    • GLA 250 leases for $449 a month.
    • C 300 Sedan leases for $509 a month.
    • GLC 300 leases for $559 a month.
    • GLE 350 leases for $789 a month.

    For details on the current specials, visit the Current Offers page. To move the process along quicker, apply for financing and get approved early. Mercedes-Benz lease terms are typically three years, with varying mileage limits tailored to suit your needs. Leases may vary depending on your credit rating, options on the car you choose, and the deposit amount made when you acquire the vehicle.

    Volvo Cars Mission Viejo

    Volvo Cars Mission Viejo has many incentives, lease specials, and financing offers for 2022 models:

    • S60 B5 Momentum all-wheel drive leases for $499 per month for 36 months.
    • XC60 B5 Momentum all-wheel drive leases for $645.
    • XC60 Plug-In Hybrid models with R-Design e-all-wheel drive lease for $709.
    • XC90 T6 Momentum all-wheel drive leases for $729.

    In addition to leasing options, other specials include up to $1,000 in new car loyalty bonuses on select models and two- to three-year financing at 2.49%. Federal tax credits of up to $7,500 are available for select electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Check out the Specials page for details.

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